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Professional Accounts

Did you know that the Young Living Professional Accounts program offers Young Living products to business owners at a deeply discounted price? With an exclusive discount of 40% off retail pricing, you can use and sell essential oils to provide a wellness experience your clients will love.

To become a Young Living Professional Account customer in the U.S., you must:

• Provide a Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), or Social Security Number (SSN)
• Provide a current state business license, registration certificate, or professional license
• Complete, sign, and submit a Professional Account Application and Agreement to Young Living, along with the required business documents
• Read and agree to Young Living’s Policies and Procedures

To see if your business qualifies here:
Young Living’s Professional Accounts Page

Start your application here:
Be sure to select- I was referred by a member and have their ID numbers.
Enter your member number or if not a member, use 3587959 in both fields and continue.

It is recommended that individuals interested personally enroll as a member and then put their business account UNDER their own personal individual member account. This allows you to build your business through Young Living.

Professional Account FAQ’s

  • There are no monthly minimums or fees to open a Professional Account.
  • Professional Accounts cannot participate in Essential Rewards or other Promotions.
  • Professional Account customers agree to retail products at least 10% above Young Living’s wholesale cost which can be found in the Young Living Product Guide & Price List.
  • Professional Account set-up takes 3-5 business days (7-10 business days for Tax Exemption requests)

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